Lincoln Half Marathon

In January Bae and I decided it would be fun to run a half marathon. Actually she had already ran a handful and was planning on running the Lincoln Half in May regardless of me. Feeling a combination of confidence after our a 3 miles run with her and the need to impress her, I invited myself to join her. She sent me a training regimen and everything (as I trained, our goal time seemed to speed up each week – her choice, not mine).

The night before the race was Med School Prom. Along with Med School Prom comes an open bar. Fortunately we were responsible young adults and called it an early night and went home to get a good night’s sleep before the race. Not so much because of the race, but more so because we had to wake up at 5 am and make the drive to Lincoln and pick up our registration packets before the race.

Once we got there the excitement started to set in. Bae, being the professional out of the two of us was an excellent running buddy and didn’t leave me in the dust even though she easily could have. She didn’t even leave me when I started to raise concern over my heart rate reaching the 180’s (big nerd moment that I regret and seemingly will never live down). She stuck by my side from start to finish! Overall, there were so many people lining the streets cheering all the runners on, it was a really cool experience. They were all so kind too, with signs, gatorade, water, vaseline, even whiskey shots! After we finished the race hand in hand we were bombarded with free food and snacks! Although at the time, neither one of us was particularly ready to feast, we just wanted to relax.

That feeling of relaxation quickly subsided and turned into hunger once we arrived back at the car. We stopped into Cultiva Espresso for a well deserved breakfast that was surprisingly good considering we just found a random place as we were leaving town. I would recommend the Dutch Boy (Bae’s sweet order – a delicious raspberry and cookie butter crepe) or the Lumberjack if you brought your appetite and are craving something savory!

Next race together in the queue… Disney World in January!