Hello Everyone! Welcome to The Adventures of PC & Bae! This blog is a hobby of ours that we have created to capture some of the memories we make when we are on trips. We share many of the things we saw, experienced and ate when we visit new places and what we did and didn’t like, so if you happen to visit the same place, you’ll have some tips to guide your way 🙂 We don’t have abundant resources or time, we just attempt to be creative and make the most of what we’ve got, and encourage everybody to do the same. If just one person were to read this and be inspired to have their own adventure somewhere new, we would be happy!*

A little about PC: Seattle Native. Aspiring dog owner. MiLB free agent addicted to going on adventures and trying new food with Bae. I believe in never turning down a junior mint, the Oxford comma, coffee is best black, hot takes, normal distributions, and that bolos should be worn every day. Hurry boy, it’s waiting there for you.

A little about Bae: Hi there! I’m a Seattle native currently living in Omaha, NE. I am a fourth year medical student going into surgery – but don’t worry I still make time for fun! My favorite things are running, Game of Thrones, eating (especially baked goods and sweets), the outdoors, going to the movies and planning road trips or adventures of any sort. And all these things are even better when my friends and family are involved! Luckily for me I’ve got my best friend and travel buddy, PC, to be my partner in crime.

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*Please don’t judge us based on the grammatical sins we commit – I’m a biology major and PC is a math major, so while we both speak fluent English, writing is not our strong point.