Mini Seattle Adventure

After a long week of studying for Step 2 of the boards PC and I took 24 hrs off to enjoy a relaxing evening and then hike the next day. We started off with dinner at The Cheesemongerer’s Table in the Edmonds downtown area. PC and I have been meaning to go there for quite a while since we love simple meals of meat, cheese, bread and accompaniments (aka charcuterie, the best food ever). This weekend was our last chance to go before PC moves out of the neighborhood to West Seattle. The Edmonds downtown is actually really nice, right on the water with lots of mom and pop shops and restaurants. The Cheesemongerer’s Table is one of those shops and is a deli that specializes in fine cheese, wine and meat. We ordered a cheese and meat plater with charcuterie and it was very satisfying.

Image 6-25-16 at 10.30 PM.jpg

The cheese and meat platter at The Cheesemongerer’s Table.

Next it was time for dessert! We ventured over to Hello Robin on north Capitol Hill since PC had never had any of their treats. Hello Robin specializes in the most delicious ice cream sandwiches. They have a variety of fresh- baked cookies including “Mackelsmores”, whole wheat chocolate  chip with sea salt and sugar cookies, just to name a few. They also carry Molly Moon’s ice cream. You pick two of their cookies and an ice cream flavor to be combined into a delicious ice cream sandwich.

Image 6-25-16 at 11.04 PM

PC and I decided to share one since they are so rich and we were already pretty stuffed. We chose one strawberries and cream cookie and one birthday cake cookie to go with earl gray ice cream. PC was skeptical about the ice cream flavor but ended up liking it.

Image 6-25-16 at 10.35 PM

You can’t tell me that doesn’t look tasty!

Image 6-25-16 at 10.39 PM

Two cookies, one birthday cake and the other strawberries and cream, with earl grey Molly Moon’s ice cream.

It didn’t take us long to finish it off! Plus I like that their spoons and dishes are compostable.

Image 6-25-16 at 11.02 PM

Next we went over to Volunteer Park, just a few blocks away, even though it was raining since PC had never been there. I have spent lots of time at Volunteer Park since my aunt and uncle lived nearby when I was growing up and I went to Seattle U which is only a mile away.

First we went up to the top of the water tower to enjoy the few.

Then we walked over to see the conservatory. It was closed but I’ve been inside before and its cool if you like plants.

There were also baby ducks, a cool sculpture framing the Space Needle and the Asian Art Museum to check out.

Image 6-28-16 at 12.37 PM

When you look through this sculpture the other way it frames the Space Needle but it was cloudy at the time.

The next day, we got an early start and headed north to tackle Mount Pilchuck. We’d been exciting about going on a hike for a while now and we figured Mount Pilchuck was a great candidate for our first adventure! It was a bit of a rocky start (literally) as we made the drive. The detailed write-up described the drive as finishing up with 7 miles of paved road followed by 1 mile unpaved, but in actuality it was the reverse! Luckily, the Corolla can handle anything thrown her way, and it wasn’t anything we couldn’t conquer. We parked our car, loaded up our backpack with some water and a couple nutrition bars, and we were off!


At the Mount Pilchuck Trailhead

The hike itself was the perfect start to the season. It was intermediate in difficulty and was a good start to the season for us. It’s about 5.4 miles roundtrip (2.7 each way). What makes this hike so special is that at the top is an old historic fire lookout that has since been restored. From the lookout, you have 360 degree panoramic views of Mount Baker, Mount Rainier, and the Olympics. When we went up, it was definitely more cloudy than we would have preferred, but nonetheless it was a great trip.


Mount Pilchuck from about 1.7 miles below

Image 6-26-16 at 12.39 PM

“Look! It’s snow in June!”

Once you reach the top, there are plenty of great photo opportunities. You can let your feet hang, stop for a snack, or just enjoy the views (we did all three)! The last mile and a half or so was the most intense part, it was definitely worth it! We would recommend this to anybody looking for a good hike that isn’t too far away from Seattle.

After finishing our hike we were famished! It was definitely time for lunch. We decided it was only proper that we reward ourselves with dumplings! Bae and I are HUGE fans of dumplings. One day we are going to open our own restaurant that serves dumplings from every culture (patent pending, don’t even consider taking this idea). Today, we decided to try out a place called Dough Zone that my (PC) sister recommended to us. They have all sorts of Chinese dumplings and “comfort food” as they call it. We went in with high expectations and they did not disappoint. We had steamed dumplings, fried dumplings, hum bao, some with pork, and some with chicken. We even had Chinese Doughnuts, pot stickers, and pickled green beans! Overall it was delicious and extremely filling; I think it won’t be our last trip to the Dough Zone.

Overall, it was a great mini-adventure in our own backyard. With Bae away at school so much, its easy to forget that we have so much available to us in Seattle and the surrounding areas. It’s nice to take advantage of all it’s beauties. We have an on-going checklist of all the things we want to do in our own hometown (“I’m bored” is something you’ll rarely here us say), and we recommend you do the same!


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