Kansas City

For Memorial Day weekend PC and I drove down to Kansas city to see my sister run in the NCAA regionals track and field meet being held in Lawrence, Kansas. We also met up with a bunch of my family who was going to see the meet too.

PC is good to me and always drives on road trips so that I can study (and occasionally nap) along the way. We left early Thursday morning after quick stop at Dunkin Doughnuts to pick up some munchkins. Its only a three hour drive from Omaha so we got there at a good time. We were staying at the Downtown Marriott which was very nice and is apparently where all the pro sports team stay. We saw the men’s Bolivian National soccer team there, which was in town to play the US national team. We met my mom who had flown in from Seattle the night before. When we went up to our room there was a wonderful birthday surprise for me that my mom had set up! She is pretty much the most creative and thoughtful person around!

Image 6-23-16 at 8.09 AM

PC and I decided to go to the World War I museum for the afternoon but my mom isn’t big into museums so she did her own thing. As PC and I walked to the museum from our hotel the weather started to get a bit dicey. After a few miles we reached the museum, which is a massive marble building with a tall tower in the middle, on top a green grassy hill in the middle of the city. We walked up the hill to the museum and we were on the roof were we could see angry storm clouds rolling into the city.

Image 6-11-16 at 8.27 AM

Storm rolls in over Kansas City.

At that point a museum employee came up and told us we had to come inside the museum because there was tornado warning. So we went down into the museum which had massive, heavy doors, which seemed like they could be from a castle in GoT. I could tell PC was getting nervous about the tornado warning, which is understandable since he’d never been in one before. I was confident the giant marble building we were in could withstand a tornado if one did happen to touch down. They tried to quarantine all of the people (including about a hundred middle schoolers on a field trip) into the gift shop out of concern for the tornado but PC and I escaped to go explore the museum, which turned out to be quite extensive. To get the main exhibit you have to walk across a bridge made of glass and there is a field of artificial poppies.

Once in the exhibit there was so much to read and look at, it was really quite amazing! We easily could have spent half a day there but we only had about an hour until it closed. There was even a lower level and two more towers on the roof with more exhibits but we didn’t get to see those because of the storm. I love history but haven’t had much time to study it since high school with all of the science classes.


On top of the WWI museum.

Eventually the storm passed and we were allowed out, at which time we walked back to the hotel. For dinner we went to the Yardhouse with my mom and got half yard beers and lettuce wraps, which I am obsessed with right now! You’re probably thinking, why didn’t you get BBQ??! You’re in freaking Kansas City!! But don’t worry, we already knew we would get some the next night because we had already made a reservation at Q39.

The next morning we woke up and drove out to Lawrence, KS to see my sister run the 5,000m. Thats twenty-some laps on a track people! We met more of my family there to watch the race. All the runners there were so talented. After my sister’s race we went to downtown Lawrence to explore for a bit and then went back to watch her teammates run. After being in the sun for a good chunk of the day we needed to be rejuvenated before dinner so PC and I went to the Boulevard Brewery and had some delicious cold beers.


IMG_0054 2

Drinks at Boulevard brewery!

We then met the rest of my family at Q39 for some good ‘ole KC BBQ. I had done some research and discovered that Joe’s Kansas City BBQ and this place were the two best places in town. This one was a little more high end looking, not just your typical BBQ shack. I’m happy to say that everyone was pleased with my choice! Every single thing we ate was delicious – SO MUCH MEAT!  We would highly recommend you try Q39 if you are going to KC – great food and ambiance.

Image 6-22-16 at 8.11 AM.jpg

Later that night we walked over to the Power and Light District from out hotel with my cousin and his girl friend. It’s pretty cool area – basically a city block with a courtyard in the middle with two stories of bars surrounding it, as well as a stage for live music. We were on the hunt for Leininkugel’s Sunset Wheat since PC and my cousin kept insisting it tastes like fruity pebbles so I had to try it! We found some Sunset Wheat and lots of other fun drinks too. The four of us played rummy and the loser always had to buy the next round, which was fun –  I promise we aren’t old people! Anyhow, after a few drinks we ended up at a dueling piano bar. People always say how fun dueling piano bars are; I was skeptical but ended up having a great time.i may or may not have found my way onto the stage to celebrate my birthday. We finished the night with some extremely satisfying pieces of cheese pizza.

In the morning we woke up and when for a run to the WWI museum so we could get the view from the top of it one more time. Then we walked to Scratch bakery to try some of their muffins, which we had heard were good. Finally, on our way out of town we stopped for lunch at a random little burger place on the edge of town called Tay’s Burger Shack. I think Tay himself took our order. The burgers were fantastic! And the service was awesome. When i was ordering I was wavering over if I wanted fries or not and decided not to get them since I didn’t need a whole thing of my own when I could just steal a few from PC but then Tay gave me a whole order of free fries just because! After that we made the 3 hour drive back to Omaha so we could celebrate my roommates birthday with a backyard BBQ and go to a Stormchasers game with my class.


Must-do’s when in Kansas City:

Power & Light district

WWI museum

Boulevard Brewery


Tay’s BBQ Shack

Grade: PC B, Bae B-


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